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Growing and Harvesting

Coffee variety: Cattura (arabica)
Seed Origin: Papua New Guinea in 1995.
Single Estate: Location.. Nuwakot district, Trisuli Valley Opp. Battar Bazaar.
Estate area: Around 1100 ropanies or 72 hectares.
Shade Grown: grown under the canopy of Nitrogen fixing shade trees mainly of the Epil Epil type
(Shade grown coffees have a definite fine flavor as ripening is slower).

Shade trees shed leaves regularly providing mulch.

Shade grown estates are bird friendly as they nestle on the larger trees. Coffee trees are small and bushier. Civet cats and other animals attack the nests.

Annual site audit visits are conducted by OneCert USA for existing Organic Certificate renewals covering field, equipment, storage and roasting facilities.


Wet processed (depulped/washed)

After harvest ripe cherries are fermented in large tanks and pulped to remove the outer skins.

These are sun dried and preserved in this state till orders are received and the parchment again removed via hulling machines then graded.


Raw beans are roasted in modern gas/electric machines to required levels with our capacity presently at 1000kgs/day

We generally offer Medium roasts for flavor or Himalayan Roasts (Levels between medium and high for espresso machines) to bring our flavor and colour.
Dark roasts also available as desired.

Roast products are packed in Swiss valved pouches in 250gm, 500gm or 1kg weights. or 250gm sealed tins.

For ground or powdered beans we use special Mahlkonig German burr type machines.