About Us

We are delighted to introduce our Specialty Coffee plantation situated 75Km. North of our capital Kathmandu which also places us as the northernmost coffee project in the entire northern hemisphere.

The Himalayan Country of Nepal is well known for its beautiful & highest mountains in the world. This is why we opened for business as the first & only coffee plantation in this vast Himalayan belt. This makes us the only producer and exporter of superior quality Himalayan snow water washed shade grown/organic/sundried green beans from the Himalayas.

Our final product is 100% hand sorted and cleaned.

This has been a very adventure-filled project contributing to reforestation, soil conservation, and wildlife conservation especially in connection with providing shelter to both migratory and non-migratory birds and endanger animals many of which have returned after several years to the vicinity.

Our project has had considerable impact on the livelihood of the local inhabitants of this backward region especially in regard to women employment and training.