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About Us

Recently the German & Norwegian governments undertook a site study per ICIMOD based on our direct participation in the carbon neutral area very critical in today’s world.

Product: Organically grown /certified for USDA-NOP & AMP; EC89/2008 certified with annual site audits under taken, shade grown, wet processed, sun dried, hand cleaned /sorted. We are the northern most single estate in the entire world. We have made a tremendous Impact on the livelihood of the local backward inhabitants of this interior region especially with regards to women’s employment and training.

We grow Cattura (Arabica) beans from non-GMO seeds  in 1995 at an altitude of around 2200 feet adjacent to the Trisuli river at the base of the Ganesh Himal mountain range.

It is to be noted that planting above this altitude can put us within the frost line and with our proximity to the high Himalayas coffee plants will not survive.

This historical district is known as Nuwakot from where the ruling Shah dynasty unified Nepal out of several small kingdoms and principalities. The area is known for livestock farming from where we have easy access to organic natural fertilizers whereby assisting small farmers.

The road to our site now extends to the Tibet border in the north. We Have around 75 hectares of land planted out where we produce around 100 tons of raw coffee beans.

Beans are packed in new 50kg jute bags lined with Grain-Pro/Storezo/Ecotact inners as available. We airfreight our fine products to foremost international buyers globally. Our picking season starts during  December and ready for lot shipments from mid-January onwards.

We can also arrange Sea freight via Kolkatta port for FCL lots.

Our dedicated export brand for  green beans is MT. EVEREST SUPREME.