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Single Estate coffee from Nepal

We are delighted to introduce our specialty coffee estate located 75 kilometers north of our capital city of Kathmandu in Nepal well known globally for its natural beauty with the highest Himalayan peaks on the planet.

We remain the first and only single coffee estate within the entire region  where we grow and process superior  coffees washed  with  Himalayan snow melt waters of  the Trisuli river flowing alongside our estate  originating  from the Ganesh Himal Mountain range to our  north.

This has been a very satisfying and adventure filled project contributing to reforestation, soil conservation, habitat for both migratory and non-migratory birds housed in our shade trees. (Birds normally do not nestle on coffee trees being not tall enough for safety), We contribute to the Global CARBON NEUTRAL activity as such.

Several endangered wild animal species have returned after this previously barren degraded area has been reforested by us.

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Jalpagold Coffee

100% Organic certified arabicas single estate superior roasted coffee Net Wt. 250g

Jalpa Gold Artisan Roasted

Artisan roasted certified organic arabica coffee beans 250 g

Jalpa Coffee

Jalpa coffee certified organic arabica coffee 250gm

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